The tts

My thoughts on
the Certificate of Web Applications Development
—the tts.

some background

I wrote most of these reviews shortly after I completed the course concerned, and before I received any results. [Apart from tt280].

When I came to re-factor the temptation was strong to:

  • Alter them in the light of what I’ve learnt since.
  • ‘Fix’ my stupidities.
  • Tidy things up
  • Try to make [me make] more sense.

I’ve resisted these temptations. I feel that these pages are more valuable as they are; if I re-write them I may give a false impression of how it feels to do a tt—and that is, surely, wrong.

are these reviews helpful?

In the end that’s for you to decide, but it should be bourn in mind that:

  • The course contents may have changed since my presentation.
  • We all come to the tts with different skills—what might be hard for me might be easy for you, and vice-versa.
  • I’m a jabbering oaf; much of my enjoyment of a course related to how much controversy I caused.

my reviews

Well, caveats in place here are my reviews…

  • tt280—building web pages.
  • tt281—javaSript and client-side manners.
  • tt282—the server, basic security and privacy.
  • tt380—databases [and clodFusion!].
  • tt381—open source and quite a wee bit more…
  • tt382—smaug – the server.
  • the entire sheebang—the lot.