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My take on the OU’s maths offerings.

the courses

I must admit that I started the maths part of my degree, if not exactly on a whim, then certainly without any clear idea of my final destination. However after MST121 and M263 things are becoming much clearer—it is precisely the mathematical side of computing that I’m interested in. Even if I didn’t know it I made the right choice!

I will be forever grateful to Paul, who had completed a BSc in computing and maths, for taking the time to discuss my plans and for the sage advice that he gave me—one of the, many, great things about the OU is the support that you get from your fellow students.

Anyhoo, I’ve just finished M208 [2011] and I’ve signed up for a couple of third-level courses that are probably beyond me. Such is an OU life…

the reviews

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I’ve found a couple of good OU maths blogs out there:

  • TMA Machine—not only maths but computing too.
  • Mathematics Diary—I’m sure that he’s a better mathematician than I am [he knows about groups].

But I’m sure that there are many others using the WWW to share their thoughts.