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It says drivel and nonsense, that should tell you something, should it not?

on being an open university student

There are lots of us, we’re all different, but we all share the same TMA/CMA deadlines and ECA hells. What we have here, mostly, is an in-depth dissection of mine.

Hopefully you’ll find something of interest here; I want to educate, inform and entertain. I won’t. What you will find is a warts-and-all description of a middle-aged man’s experience of the OU roller coaster.

Last Posts

This year I will get my degree. It seems like forever since I started.


I wrote that header tag a couple of years ago in the expectation that my OU journey was approaching its terminus. Wasn’t to be. Courses were dropped, online life was shutdown and no degree was obtained.

so what happened?

Stuff. Yes that damn stuff.

Reading back what I wrote here it seems that I was getting…, shall we say fraught? That all was not well with the bold Neil? That life’s rich tapestry was unravelling at the edges? What was wrong? What brand of stuff are we talking about?

Short answer is that I succumbed to depression and alcoholism. The signs were all there—when you’re drinking white-cider at 6am in the am and feeling like the world has done you a wrong that’s probably an indication that all is not tickity-boo with that grey stuff inside your skull.

At some stage I’ll probably be unable top resist a long self-serving screed about it all on this very site. But for now I’ll shut up about it. I’m all-better and once again ready to do battle with the big-brown-box-of-books, to endure TMA hells, etc. etc… So once more unto the OU trenches for educational laughs and larks.

round hereabouts

This site that is. Will have to be looked at and tidied up. I haven’t been here for a long time, so I’m pretty sure that there’s a lot that’s messed up, out-of-date or just plain broken. This will probably take me some time. [Ha ha!]

current course