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It says drivel and nonsense, that should tell you something, should it not?

on being an open university student

There are lots of us, we’re all different, but we all share the same TMA/CMA deadlines and ECA hells. What we have here, mostly, is an in-depth dissection of mine.

Hopefully you’ll find something of interest here; I want to educate, inform and entertain. I won’t. What you will find is a warts-and-all description of a middle-aged man’s experience of the OU roller coaster.

Last Posts

This year I will get my degree. It seems like forever since I started.

For the last year, or so, I’ve been lax about adding stuff here but now the end has come…

Well the end hasn’t come, I now realize that it never will; the OU and I are going to be together until one of us dies. And I hope that the one-of-us is me. So I’ve decided that I’ll try to finish what I started here. By which I mean that I’ll attempt to blog my current courses.

I’m not sure what I wanted to do when I first built this site, and I know that whatever that was it got changed as I got changed. For, make no mistake, however far you walk along this path of ours you will get changed. Changed in ways that you don’t expect. I’m still plodding along, albeit with an end in sight. When I reach that way-stop I expect that I’ll get as maudlin as an actor receiving an Oscar, for now it’s still just warts-and-all me.

current courses

The ones that when I signed up for a degree I longed to do