Some personal details

Who am I?

My name is Neil Anderson and this site is [mainly] about my Open University studies. I started with the Certificate of Web Applications Development and I'm now doing a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science.

I am a janitor who lives and works in Edinburgh with a wife, a mad bird, lots of shoes and a load of Bratz dolls. The last two items being, mainly, my wife's province. I play a bit of chess and have been known to play with toy soldiers.

So what’s the site for?

When I was doing the Certificate of Web Applications I thought that it was about time that I dipped my toes into the water and created my own site.

Which from small, unpretentious, beginnings developed into what it is today – a mass of facile opinions, dubious reviews, shoddy code and rubbish about the Open University. You might find something you like, you may find something helpful, you might even find something useful but I wouldn't trust it if I were you.

Get in touch with me

You can email me, but I probably won't answer you because you aren’t offering me advice on the latest hot stock tip, medication, services of a nature that I don’t quite understand or notifying me that I've won the Croatian Lottery.